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Smart City Starts at Evropská Street

What is A Smart City?

A new vision of a city as a digital platform and eco-system where:

  • People,
  • Infrustructe Elements,
  • Buildings,
  • Robots,
  • and other entities

directly negotiate with each other to improve the quality of life.

SMART Evropská

There is only one location in Prague that offers each main mode of transport

  • Aviation (Václav Havel Airport Prague),
  • Trams,
  • Buses,
  • Subway,
  • Railway,
  • Bike lines,
  • Pedestrian crossing

Only Evropská street has each of these modes of transport in addition to fulfilling the criteria for other fields (urbanism, energy, safety, and environment).

Prague 6 Is SMART

Benefits of Being SMART

  • More Fluent Traffic,
  • Lower Emissions,
  • Easier Parking,
  • Time-Saving,
  • Pedestrian Safety,
  • Area Value Growth,
  • Better Living Conditions
  • Lower Energy Consuption
smart plan before preview V1 before smart plan after preview V1b after

Digital Twin

Digital Twin Benefits Each Stakeholder Differently

Digital Twin

How Does Digital Twin Work?

Digital Twin is a realistic digital representation of physical things. Based on the data from the physical asset or system, a digital twin unlocks value by supporting improved decision making, which creates the opportunity for a positive feedback into the physical twin – the reality.

  • Data – the quality of the data on which the twin is based
  • Model – the fidelity of the algorithms, the validity of the assumptions, and the competence of the code at the heart of the digital representation
  • Visualization – the quality of presentation of the output. Digital twin may be developed for a range of purposes, operate at different scales or adopt different approaches to modeling.


Our Project

TACR Projekt

The project was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), National Competence Center of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, TN01000024.

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