Being SMART Benefits The City People Universities Businesses

Everything Starts With The Digital Twin

Real Data Simulation Improve Our Wellbeing 

Digital Twin

How Does Digital Twin Work?

Digital Twin is a realistic digital representation of physical things. Based on the data from the physical asset or system, a digital twin unlocks value by supporting improved decision making, which creates the opportunity for a positive feedback into the physical twin – the reality.

  • Data – the quality of the data on which the twin is based
  • Model – the fidelity of the algorithms, the validity of the assumptions, and the competence of the code at the heart of the digital representation
  • Visualization – the quality of presentation of the output. Digital twin may be developed for a range of purposes, operate at different scales or adopt different approaches to modeling.


SMART City Architecture 5.0

Smart Evropska only scratches the surface of where we are heading

SMART Cities based on Digital Twin concept:

  1. Theory
  2. Impact
  3. Verification

will benefit all stakeholders.

Find Out How Each Stakeholder Benefits

Benefits For The City

Reduction of stops, travel times and waiting times can have a severe effect on the overall effectivity of the transportation system and can reduce economical loss from transportation and reduce the financial and energy costs. It also has a substantial effect on the environment and therefore the quality of life of the residents and visitors.

The only way to move is forward. And the area of Evropská can be the driving force for innovation and development of the city. New opportunities can make a huge impact on how the area is perceived by the investors and therefore by the city.

Not only are the emissions a constant topic for industry and city development, but it has a tremendous impact on the citizens and visitors. A clean city is the future.


Benefits For The People

In a city, everything is connected. Transportation and public space share several links. Among those, the environmental impacts of traffic, the noise and overall safety. Through the implementation of smart approach and technologies, if cantered around the people, Evropská street can be the example of safe environment and healthy citizens.

The entire world is preoccupied with an overwhelming amount of information fed to us every minute. This can be very beneficial, but also very dangerous. The amount of traffic on Evropská street and other areas combined with the distractions of not only the media and commercials but also a lot of useful information can cause critical situations leading to serious injuries and death. This is particularly true for pedestrian crossings. Understanding the dangers and benefits of new technologies can, however, lead to saving lives.

The fluency of the traffic flow is not merely economical benefit for the city. It is also important for the people. With fluent traffic flow, the drivers are a lot more at ease and concentrated. Not only can this save money and time, it can save lives. It also makes the transportation system a lot more reliable.


Benefits For The Universities

Smart mobility, on one hand, is a benefit, and on the other hand, it can be an opportunity. Universities can utilize the area of Evropská as test bed and teaching grounds for new technologies and new policies. And they can do so in a virtual space before an actual implementation, so that there is no harm to the city.

On average, people in big cities around the world spend up to 9 minutes searching for parking space in cars that are only being used 4 % of the day. This leads to a lot of congestion and the system is unsustainable. A change in a mindset and new ways of parking management can help everyone. Among them, big generators of traffic such as big universities or institutions. Proper parking management combined with technology can help university campuses around Evropská to a sustainable parking.

All problematic areas like parking, road transportation, public transport and micromobility are all tied together. They share a problem. There is too many cars and a lot of people in need of a quick and easy way to move from point A to point B. A lot of time can be saved if the city can use different methods of reducing travel times for all modes of transport.


Benefits For The Businesses

If a city has a tool that can make a quick and precise assessment of the benefit of proposed solutions, then the entire process can become a lot faster. This can enable the businesses around Evropská to thrive and develop.

Smart Mobility is a benefit, that can reduce unnecessary costs to any stakeholder in the area. It can make things, faster, smoother and more efficient. Businesses are among the stakeholders most concerned with cutting expenses. This is a way to do it.

Time is money. And it goes without saying, if the businesses have a way to reduce time expenses, the business can thrive in a city, that adapts and improves constantly.