From Kulaťák To The Airport

Evropská street is one of the most important routes in Prague making it SMARTer will benefit the whole city!

26 Traffic Lights

40 000 Vehicles Daily

44 Public Transport Routes

The Track

11.4 km long

The fastest route from the city center to the airport

Gate To Europe - Evropska Track Vertical 2
How Smart Is Evropska?
Completed 40%

Real-time decision making

All agents negotiate the optimal solution for any given situation

How Does it Work?

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Multi-Agent Traffic Model

  • Real-time decision making process in traffic control
  • Each group of acters represented by an agent
  • All agents negotiate with one another to come to the optimal solution for any given moment and any given situation


16 Different

Bus, Trams, Subway, and Trains Stations


Over 100 Cameras and various sensors monitor, curate, and guide multi-agent traffic.

Tunel Infrastructure Blanka

High Impact on traffic flow on Evropska Street


20+ SMART crossings